Blue Basil School Food Programs

Why Outsource School Food Programs?

Blue Basil Catering for Schools, Day-Care, and Sports BanquetsBlue Basil School Lunch Bag

Blue Basil Catering offers a wide range of customized programs for school or day-care lunches. Our high quality meals are delivered daily, and the school designated staff serves the pre-packaged meals at the school’s dining location. We also provide afterschool snacks, complete sports banquets and even lunch themes to compliment school curriculum.

All of our school lunches feature wholesome fresh fruits and vegetables and are nutritionally balanced based on the age of the student.

Blue Basil believes that a school lunch program must be a balanced approach with focus on:

NUTRITION — It has been widely documented that children need a balanced diet of healthful options to grow strong, and to encourage a lifetime of wise eating habits.

SAFETY — To insure that the students and staff are protected from food borne illnesses a commercial kitchen and properly trained staff must be utilized.

FLAVOR & TASTE — What is the use of investing in, and serving, great food if the students and faculty don’t enjoy the taste, texture and appearance? Our food is wholesome, delicious, and fun!

BUDGET — Outsourcing a lunch program allows for great food, good nutrition and a lunch program is within the means of the student’s families and the school’s budget.

Safer preparation, better food, affordable prices are within your school’s reach when they contract their food services with Blue Basil Catering.